Juan Delola

Juan Delola is a guitarist and composer born in Marbella (Málaga) in 1979. As a musician father, he discovers music being very young thanks to him and his beginnings are linked to ROCK playing instruments such as drums, bass or electric guitar in local bands. mid-90s.

With the arrival of the 2000s,  began to enter the FLAMENCO world as a guitarist, art in which he had started years ago and began to work and perform in tablaos, clubs, festivals and shows, traveling also in countries such as Belgium, Greece , Poland, Morocco, Germany, South Korea, France, etc.



One more step

After getting used to the accompaniment of singing and dancing, in 2006 he decided to start his own musical project based on the FLAMENCO-ROCK fusion under the name of DELOLA. To date he has published 4 albums: Anhelo (2008), Tan por esta noche (2011), La Búsqueda (2014) and Caminando (2016), discs with which he manages to break into the Andalusian radio-formula through chanells as Canal Fiesta Radio, without a doubt its great supporter.

He is currently preparing what will be his fifth studio album.

In 2016 he composed and produced the new official anthem of the Marbella F.C., a team that currently plays in the 2nd division B of Spanish football.

In 2018 he was awarded by the Cope Radio at his Christmas gala in Marbella with the Gold, Incense and Myrrh Award for his professional career in the world of music.



Throughout his career he has been able to perform with artists such as Bernardo Vázquez, Erpeche, Pepe Roca (Alameda), José El Francés, Chandé, Juanito Makandé, Nono García, etc., as well as being part of flamenco companies such as Domingo Ortega or Pilar Távora and also participate in numerous recordings and productions.



Rocker of birth and flamenco of adoption as he defines himself, Juan Delola is a flamenco and rock musician who has guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Raimundo Amador, Paco de Lucia, Carlos Santana, Vicente Amigo, Gary Moore or Diego del Gastor to its most clear references, in addition to being very influenced by the music of groups or artists such as Triana, Pink Floyd, Camarón, Led Zeppelin, Lole and Manuel, Queen, etc.

First of all it is a musician who lives by and for this art and through his compositions shows us his way of seeing music, flamenco fusion and rock made in Andalusia.