Noche Andaluza Andalusian Rock Show

NOCHE ANDALUZA, TRIBUTE TO ANDALUSIAN ROCK is a Rock show produced and directed by Juan Delola, where the most representative songs of the Andalusian rock movement are reviewed as a tribute in an emotional journey through time to Andalusia at the end of the 70s.

Live concerts

An incredible concert of almost two hours where they are remembered and honored from a perspective and current production groups like Triana, Medina Azahara, Alameda, Imam, Lole and Manuel, Cai, Camarón, Guadalquivir, Smash, Miguel Rios or Mezquita.

The show also has projections of videos, sounds and voiceovers, all strictly documented, which make it have an important historical and cultural informative character, being a magic show, unique and unrepeatable.